Your own online casino with cash back rewards

Here’s another idea for those who promote GamblingBuilder referral program: offer to join the referral program for both webmasters and gamblers who are playing in other online casinos. This audience will grasp the idea of creation their own playable online casino with cash back rewards. How to encourage players to create their own casino? What is necessary to mention in the forums, blogs or in the social networks?

You can write something like that:

By creating your own casino you get a number of significant advantages, such as:

  • Your casino has no differences with the one you used to play at. You can see that the casino from GamblingBuilder is a modern online casino with original flash games.
  • You get the online casino with cash back rewards in real money. Cashback is calculated on each bet you have lost. The casino is yours, so therefore part of the loss is a profit in your pocket. No matter how much did you loose – you always get part of your money back.
  • You will see at first hand that the casino from GamblingBuilder is not cheating. Everything is honest and transparent: from the deposit up to the withdrawal of winnings.
  • You will be able to invite your friends to play at your casino by your own referral link and get a percentage from their lost bets as an affiliate and part of the loss as the owner of the casino.
  • You can create your personal branded casino. You can even call it by your name, because you choose the domain name by yourself.

Who knows, maybe this casino will not just be a place where you will play, but your profitable business as well.

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