Your own online casino with cash back rewards

Here’s another idea for those who promote GamblingBuilder referral program: offer to join the referral program for both webmasters and gamblers who are playing in other online casinos. This audience will grasp the idea of creation their own playable online casino with cash back rewards. How to encourage players to create their own casino? What is necessary to mention in the forums, blogs or in the social networks?

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Mobile online casino: pros for promotion

Mobile online casino version is introduced in every casino from GamblingBuilder referral program now. Besides the fact that you get a mobile-friendly version of the site that is going to be liked by Google, it’s also very convenient for your players.

Mobile online casino site has one positive side. It’s about the promotion of your casino. If you think about it, you have even two advantages:

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Free traffic from search engines: add and edit pages

Most of the thousands of online casinos are the clones of each other. That is why Google, Yahoo and the rest of search engines ignore them. So, webmasters have to create additional sites to get traffic from search engines and direct players to their casinos from these sites.
The thing is that every GamblingBuilder affiliate can create his or her own unique content directly on the game site. As you know, unique content – is the key for getting search engine traffic.

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