The basic rules of SEO

A concise guide to SEO (search engine optimization) that might be useful as a reminder or a checklist. Of course, it is necessary to read a little about each of these items on the Internet in order to properly implement them.

  • Text must be unique.. If you won’t meet this condition, the search engines will almost certainly find tons of another websites that are better from their perspective (older, larger, having more visitors or a bigger number of incoming links, located 5000 km closer to the user, etc.), and never send visitors to yours.
  • Content should be interesting to a reader. If ten out of ten users redirected to your page by a search engine immediately leave it and return to the results of a search to check a different result, the search engine may decide that you have low-quality content, and your website will no longer show up in search results.
  • One page for one target request. A single internet page on your website is a unit of information for search engines. So the best results are obtained by targeting each page on a single search query. (The choice of target requests is a topic for another article. Subscribe to RSS or stay tuned. Soon I will write about it.)
  • Direct entry. The target query must occur unchanged
    - in page title,
    - in first paragraph and
    - every 500-600 characters in the remaining part of the text.

    In addition, if possible, it is better to use target query in anchors to another pages and websites, and keywords (meta name = keywords), although it seems that all search engines totally ignore them during the last 5 years. Still, why not to try if you can?
    By the way, it is better to allocate direct entries in the text using such tags as [b]bold[/b] or [i]italic[/i]

  • Variations of the target query (synonyms) and environment (logically related words and expressions) need to be placed throughout the text. If you write a meaningful text, it will happen by itself without any additional effort.

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