Referral program and casino promotion on video hosting services

In addition to all kinds of hosting services for documents (slides, pdf, text documents and spreadsheets) where you can submit presentations of a referral program or your casino there are video hosting services.
These sites are additional traffic sources for a casino promotion as well as the places to attract referrals from.

We’re not going to talk about creating a video here. It’s described in detail in this hint.

The important thing is a stuff for a video.

For referral program promotion it can be:

  1. video presentation of GamblingBuilder referral program
  2. tutorials for working within referral program:
    • how do you earn on the referral program
    • how to register with the referral program
    • how to order your own casino
    • how to add a custom page on site
    • how to change the content on the page
    • how to withdraw the money, etc.

When it’s a question of casino promotion you can use the idea of ​​a casino news from this hint to create promo videos.
It may be:

  • video presentation of your casino
  • casino playing tutorials (useful tips and hints on how to fill in your game balance, withdraw the money, etc.)
  • release of a new game
    Create a video by capturing the gameplay from the screen or make up a promotional video from the pictures showing the main features of the game.
    For example, here is the one:

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