Publication of game screenshots as a method of attracting clients from the social networks

Posting unique game descriptions – is a good way to attract clients. Now let’s see how you can effectively attract players to the casino from social networks by posting screenshots of games.

It is better to post more than one screenshot – add 2-3 different screens to show the maximum possibilities of the game – it allows the player to immediately form an opinion about the game and follow the link to the casino.

Here is an example of 3 different screenshots of Banzai Slots.

Banzai Slots reels' screenshot
Player scores in Banzai Slots
Screenshot of Banzai Slots Pay Table

Their advantage is in clarity: player can immediately see how much money he or she can win and what bonuses are possible. If you can only have one image (in the case of Instagram), it makes sense to combine multiple screens into a single image or give preference to the Pay Table.

Post screenshots (preferably accompanied by a text) on:

  • official community (Facebook, Google+)
  • Public page (Facebook, Google+)
  • official or personal account on Twitter and Instagram
  • on the wall of a personal account or any community that is suitable for this (Facebook, Google+)
  • discussions with similar topics (Google+)

Adding pictures to the social networks has its own peculiarities.

For starters, in some of the social networks (Facebook, Google+) it is better to add all the pictures in a special album (personal or public) with the appropriate name (for example, “Slot Machines”, “Poker” and so on – it will facilitate the systematization and image searchings for users). After that add images from the album to the posts or discussions.

Also, most social networks (Facebook, Google+) allows to add a short description to each picture.

Here is an example of a well-done screenshot which is published on Google+

Example of a well-done Banzai Slots screenshot which is published on Google+

As you can see there are brief description, a link to the game at online casino, hashtags (so that players can find a picture in the search results), watermark (for all to recognize the name of casino this game belongs to).

If a wise approach is applied on screenshots posting, this method of attracting clients-players from social networks can be very effective.


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