Promotion on social networks: publishing of casino news

Effective promotion on social networks is based on the regular publishing of the useful and informative content in the communities including the news of your online casino. Where to get ready news or find “infomotives”? There is a solution!

GamblingBuilder managers write casino news regularly. They appear on your website in the news line automatically.

However, you can come up with you own news and add it to your own site (find out about it here).

You can also broadcast it on the social networks.

Here is a sample list of ready-made “infomotives” for writing your own news:

  • new game
  • an excuse to play the old game (for example, play Mexican styled slots in honor of the Mexican holiday)
  • a new payment method (for example, cryptocurrency)
  • a new way of withdrawing the winnings (for example, on the Visa card )
  • additional features to the casino (the opportunity to play on credit, implementing of the online support and so on)
  • new features in the game (there are new chips with a higher face value in poker)
  • useful tips (bypassing the block)
  • a new game for smart phones appears
  • site updates (registration form has changed, you have changed the design, etc.)
  • interesting news of the game world (someone has won more than 1,000 Euros by playing slots)


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