Opening a free online casino in social networks: social traffic

If you have not yet created a page or group about of your free online casino on social networks (which you can get absolutely for free after you log in here:, it is high time to do it! If you approach the issue of creating groups from the right side, you can attract a good amount of social traffic. The point here is that the search engines tend to show social networking pages, and the correct keyword can draw visitors through the internal search engine of a social network.

Before you start creating a page or group, see how the communities of other free online casinos are designed. Most likely, you will gather many practical ideas.

What social networks to choose? We recommend you to start with Facebook, then Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr. Each social network has its own distinction.

Attention: Do not use your personal social network account to open a branch of your casino. It is better to create a separate account to manage a group or page of your casino.

Right naming and description

Remember how you chose the name for the casino domain using the keywords. Now you have to do the same thing. It is recommended to choose a name for the group or page with keywords.

Think about the words, which the potential players may use to search for your group in the social network. Pick the word that will make the internal social network search engine show your page at the top of search results.

Try to reveal the main cons of your free online casino in its title. For example:
“Online casino! Starting bids at 1 cent”
“Multiplayer Blackjack, Roulette. Play online”
“Instant pay mobile casino”
“Online casino. Play for real money”
, etc.

Describe in detail the advantages of your casino in the description of your community and page. Almost all social networks make it possible to add the links to your accounts on other social networks (it will help unleash your other communities). Be sure to include a link to the website of your online casino. If possible provide a link in your profile, otherwise do it in the description.

Description of a casino in social networks may look like this:

тут готовые 3 описания

Creating the right content

Posts must be published regularly, for example, two or three times a week. But, where to get content for the page?

Here you can find a ready list inforeasons that can be used to create posts.

And here are some tips on how to take screenshots of games for posts in social networks.

In this hack, you can read more about how to create a post about a new game:

You can take the ready-made descriptions of all casino games from GamblingBuilder – Download the descriptions of all casino games from GamblingBuilder.
Each text includes a title, a brief description of the game and a set of keywords and hashtags for social networks if needed.

Feel free to use the ready-made sets of screenshots for each game – Download set of screenshots (70+ games, 3 ss for each game)

Link in the post can lead not only directly to the casino website, but also to the beautiful lending page of a casino game. You can form the links to lending pages on the page My Lendings: The landing page differs from a usual page of a game, since there is a form of instant registration in the free online casino.

We also recommend you to use RSS-threads as a resource of auto-updatable content.

In addition, the casino’s news can be diluted with beautiful sayings about winning, luck, gambling, game, and luck. In social networks, there are whole groups and public pages, which daily post sayings and quotes in the form of pictures. You just need to subscribe to their updates in order to take statements from there. For example, like this:

Attracting social traffic – quotes about winningAttracting social traffic – quotes about winning

As for YouTube, here is a useful advice on what to upload and a hint on how to create a video clip.

Posting content

Each social network has its own features that must be considered when creating posts. You can make posts in different formats: video+text, picture+text, short articles, etc. There is no sense to describe all the features of creating posts in each separate social network. Just pay close attention to how the users will find you, i.e. keywords and hashtags.

In some social networks, there is a search by hashtags (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram). This means that you have to choose a set of hashtags for each post, and either place them at the end of the post, or “integrate” directly in the text (this is especially true for Twitter, where every character counts). For a post, use not only the most relevant hashtags, but also the most popular in this social network. You can find popular hashtags using search. A request can look like this: “most popular hashtags of the year“. Be sure to include links to the casino website in each post. If you have an album with pictures (for example, screenshots of games), place a reference to the casino in the description for each image.

Attracting subscribers

There is no universal way to attract followers, subscribers and readers. Each social sphere has its distinctive features, and so differ the best practices to draw people – paid, free, automated or not. If you type in a search engine “how to attract subscribers to a group” + the name of the desired social network, you will see lots recommendations of all kinds, and be able to choose the best for yourself.

Once you post the first content in the social network, and the first subscribers appear, place the link to your pages/groups on the website of your free online casino, using the content editor. We also recommend you to post some news on the main website about the opening of your casino’s social networks pages.

In this tip, we have reviewed only the general rules of creating accounts and content that will help you draw social traffic. Each social network has its advantages, disadvantages and features that must be taken into account. We will talk about them in the following articles.

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