Online casino promotion in the Tor network

Online casinos are banned in many countries, but the players are still there. They still wish to play at the casino and here comes the support from TOR, Deep Web, which allows to establish an anonymous connection and go to the casino site with no worries. Each casino brought to you by GamblingBuilder referral program has an anonymous version for the Tor network. How to attract gamblers from there to your casino? Include this hint in the inventory.

In one of the previous hints we’ve talked about online casino promotion by submitting into directories. So, registration in catalogs of the Tor network is more, no, thousand times effective.

Remember how popular directories of links were at the dawn of the Internet? In fact, everything is exactly the same now in the Tor network. Potential gamblers are looking for the necessary links in the directory. In addition, many of onion browser users have Bitcoin that can be spent in your casino and this is another advantage for our partners.

Important: if you want to get an anonymous version of your own casino in the Tor network, you need to request an onion link from GamblingBuilder support service. When you get the link we recommend you to place it link on the site of your casino. So the players can see that they can play on the highest level of anonymity now. Also, the release of Tor-casino is an excellent “infomotive” for casino news.

First of all, we recommend you to add your casino to this search engine. Many link collectors from Tor will copy your link automatically. It’s free!

Before you add your site to the directory, make sure that everything is ready:

  • 1. Special Tor browser for browsing pages anonymously has been installed (download it only from the official website of the TOR project.)
  • 2. The browser is configured and ready to work anonymously. Here is the detailed guide on how to adjust the browser:

  • 3. Page of your online casino in TOR is available and opens without any problems.

And finally: while submitting into Tor directories remember that quantity is more important than quality.


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