Mobile online casino: pros for promotion

Mobile online casino version is introduced in every casino from GamblingBuilder referral program now. Besides the fact that you get a mobile-friendly version of the site that is going to be liked by Google, it’s also very convenient for your players.

Mobile online casino site has one positive side. It’s about the promotion of your casino. If you think about it, you have even two advantages:

  • You get infomotive for news about the casino (the mobile version – is an additional advantage of your casino, which distinguishes it from the others and you can tell about it to the potential players on forums, websites, blogs and social networks). Plus, you get infomotive every time when a new game for smartphones and tablets shows up (you can find more infomotives in this hint).
  • You will get the opportunity to buy mobile casino traffic.
    There are special exchange markets specializing in mobile traffic (,, In fact, you can buy traffic to the mobile online casino on any exchange market (, just make sure that you’re getting the mobile traffic and nothing else.
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