Free traffic from search engines: add and edit pages

Most of the thousands of online casinos are the clones of each other. That is why Google, Yahoo and the rest of search engines ignore them. So, webmasters have to create additional sites to get traffic from search engines and direct players to their casinos from these sites.
The thing is that every GamblingBuilder affiliate can create his or her own unique content directly on the game site. As you know, unique content – is the key for getting search engine traffic.

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Promote your online casino with YouTube

To start online casino promotion, you’ll need a YouTube account and YouTube channel. Here are some rules for creating a YouTube channel. After the account is created, search for thematic videos, write comments to them, getting free backlinks to your site. When adding a video it’s important to mind about “Internal” video optimization for searh engines. There are several ways to fill your channel: to get a video from competitors or do it by yourself. When you borrow someone else’s video you should take care of adding a logo and copyright text on your video, also you shouldn’t forget that there are annotations on YouTube. If you decided to use your own video, then you have 2 variants: to shoot it by yourself or order, the prices start from $5. The next step in casino promotion is “external” video optimization. If you can’t attract visitors at all, you may order promotion on YouTube.

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Methods of online casino promotion

Submit your website to directories.
This is the simple and fast method to tell everyone about your site. The registration gives you links to your site, brings target visitors, improves visibility in search engines. The registration in subject directories is more effective. For example, online casino directories ( or ) or directories with payment systems. If you are going to promote several casinos at once, you should purchase an automatic submitting tool DirectorySubmitter which costs 67$. If you are going to promote only one casino, you should submit it to directories with the help of webmasters or trust professionals

If you don’t want to spend your money on such a method of promotion, you may promote your online casino for free. To make the process easier use the free directory submitter software like which was designed for automatic submittion in directories. You have to search databases of subject directories by yourself. Also, you can easily find a list of web directories: example, and here is example 2, and filter out thematic directories.

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