How to use casino landing pages

It is previously reported on granting to webmasters game landing pages with simplified registration of players for their casino.
These landings can be placed at any website or on any server. These are static documents, so they do not require a database, PHP or anything else.

Now I will tell how to use them.

First of all you have to download .zip file and unpack it:
Download landing pages .ZIP

Then choose landings and replace default values in them to your own values. Just use any text editor that handles Unicode (UTF-8) encoding.
For example, Notepad ++, FAR Manager, Total Commander or any IDE

For convenience, these values are taken out in a comment, located at the beginning of each .htm file. For example:
Classic Blue Casino

Replace all their entries with your own data – your casino URL and its title. Instead of the casino name it is permitted to write any text motivating players to go further.

Please note that javascripts in these landing pages are required for work of simplified player registration form in your casino, so change them only if you are certain of what you are doing and what do you want to get as a result. Otherwise it is better to end up by editing HTML or just replacing clauses mentioned in the previous paragraph.

In other words, if you have HTML imposing skills you can change the contents of the landing pages, but do not forget to check out their efficiency in order to retain your players.

The last stage is the send traffic that is interested playing a casino games to these pages.

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