How to make video from images or record video from the screen

You can submit video clips to many video hosting services devoted to GamblingBuilder referral program or your own casino (casino presentation, gameplay, news, etc.). But how to create a promotional video without spending a lot of time and effort?

The video clips can be made from a set of ready-made pictures or recorded directly from the screen.

  • Make video from images (screenshots) for promotional purpose

    Windows Movie Maker perfectly suits in this case. It can be downloaded from here.

    By the way, here is a tutorial on how to make a simple video from nice photos (screenshots) using Windows Movie Maker and upload it to a video hosting.

    The analogue of Windows Movie Maker for Mac is IMovie. Download it here.

  • For capturing video from screen

    This option is ideal if you want to create, for example, a promotional video showing the capabilities of the new upcoming game in your casino, as it allows to record and show the gameplay.

    Download a simple program Screen Recorder to capture video from the screen and create a promotional video. It is free for the videos shorter than 10 minutes.

    Another good program for recording video from the screen with sound – FastStone Capture. However, it can be used free of charge only for 30 days.

Important: if a post processing of the video captured from the screen is needed (adding splash screen at the beginning/at the end of the video, overlaying the logo, inserting subtitles), you can do all of these for free in the same Windows Movie Maker.

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