How to get to the top searches: tips on choosing a domain

A unique constantly updated content is not enough. Start by choosing the right domain name. This exact name of the domain must contain keywords that potential players are typing into the search bar. Use these tips to to bring the casino to the top searches.

When you figure out a domain, use:

  • Name of the currency accepted by your casino.
    We arote about this in detail in this tip.
  • the name of a certain type of a gambling game in the main language of the casino.
    Ordering casino from GamblingBuilder referral program you automatically get the translation of entire content to all supported languages ​​(currently, there are over 20 of them). However during the registration you still need to specify the “default” language counting on the majority of players who uses this particular language. So use some “local” words in the domain name. For example, roleta (roulette) in Portuguese or slot (slots) in Serbian. So you get a chance to reach the top searches using these queries.
  • name of the country/city.
    Yes, players are looking for a casino in a particular country or the city in which they live. For example, casinos in Poland, when they google Kasyna Polska or casino in Turkey entering kumarhane Türkiye in Turkish.
  • name of the basic language of the localized casino.
    People are looking for a casino in Turkish, Indonesian, Polish – many of them prefer a casino in their own language, because not all players easily understand the world’s major languages ​​(it’s especially true for exotic languages where the percentage of the native speakers can be quite impressive.)


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