How to add online casino news on site

Some news written by managers of GamblingBuilder referral program are publishing on partner sites automatically.

However, you can always add your own news, using one of “infomotives” from this hint. We are going to tell you how to add your news to site now

1. In affiliate panel go to the “News” section and click on the “Add” button in the “News content” block. Adding the news window will show up.

2. Fill in the fields:

  • Title – Headline of the news.
  • Summary – Text of the news which is going to be shown on the main page. This is usually a short text which contains the main idea of ​​the message.

    Important: do not use HTML tags when you write news. Use BBCode instead (see the examples of tags here)

  • Text – The actual text of the news that will be seen by player as soon as he or she clicks on “Read more”.
  • Date – marks the date of the news

    Important: even if you backdate or postdate and publish the news it appears on the site immediately, but with the date specified by you right next to the text of the news. If you want the news has always been at the top of the list, simply date it later than other news.

  • Casino – select the site where the news appears from the drop-down list (if you have several casinos)
  • Hidden – put down a checkmark, if you want the news to be visible only to and never shown on the site (it is convenient, for example, if you prepare the news in advance and want to release it in a couple of days).

3. It should look like this:

Add your online casino news on site

Click on the “Preview” and check how the short and full versions of the text look like. If everything is OK, click “Add”. Done! Online Casino News has been published on the website.

It looks like this:

Ready custom online casino news on the site

You can always edit the news that you have created in the “News” tab by clicking on “Edit” button next to the preferred text in the “News content” block.

Important: The news always comes out in the main language of the site (the one that you have chosen to be the main when you ordered the casino).


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