Free traffic from search engines: add and edit pages

Most of the thousands of online casinos are the clones of each other. That is why Google, Yahoo and the rest of search engines ignore them. So, webmasters have to create additional sites to get traffic from search engines and direct players to their casinos from these sites.
The thing is that every GamblingBuilder affiliate can create his or her own unique content directly on the game site. As you know, unique content – is the key for getting search engine traffic.

So, how to edit pages and add a new content to them?

1. Adding content to existing casino pages

You can add your own unique content at the beginning and at the end of each page, or separately to some types of pages (home, login, registration). All you need to do is to enter the affiliate panel, select Content Editor, and then add or edit the content of each block.

Adding content to existing casino pages

2. Creating new pages

You are able to create your own pages. This option is much more interesting, as it allows you to create pages that are perfectly tailored to specific search queries. Here we shall dwell a little more in detail.

  1. Open the affiliate panel, select Content Editor, and press Add a New Page in Pages section

    Creating new casino page

  2. In the resulting dialog box, specify the page slug. For example, to associate a page with the URL http://$MY_CASINO$/pages/which-roulette-is-better.html, you must set the slug which-roulette-is-better
    URI of new page

  3. Then proceed to create a SEO-friendly page. Now it is time to recall the fundamental rules of SEO. Let me remind you basic SEO rules.
  4. Supposedly, for safety reasons, it is forbidden to use HTML tags in text content. However, you can freely use permissioned BB-codes, which is enough for most of our needs. For example, this is how you can insert a picture horizontally aligned to the center:

    [center][url=][img=]ALT Text[/img][/url][/center]

    And here is how to make large letters:

    [size=36px]Large text[/size]

  5. When the page is posted, be sure to set references to it from the other pages or in top/bottom parts of the page. Here it is useful to recall that URL of the page is based on the formula


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