Earnings on attracted online casino managers

Unlike other gambling referral programs, GamblingBuilder guarantees to its partners a lifetime earnings on attracted managers.
Those who promote our referral program receives 10% of each attracted referral’s casino revenue.
The more referrals you attract, the more you earn. Further we explain how to attract managers more effectively.

You can earn with the amblingBuilder referral program for both attracted players and new online casino managers.

Your earnings come to 10% of attracted casino managers revenue for life .

Of course, the methods to attract online casino managers are different from the methods of attraction of casino players. So you can do the following:

  • create a hosted for free page describing your method of making money on casino and invite all to follow your footsteps;
  • make a short video and upload it to YouTube and similar services.
  • create threads and post comments on the forums about earnings in the Internet;
  • make comments on blogs related to earnings on the Internet;
  • create public or page in social network devoted to using the referral program, invite people to join it;
  • write a review of GamblingBuilder referral program and negotiate (for free or for little money) to place it on the blogs you are interested in (this method works perfectly and keeps bringing new registrations for many years)

Get the link to start earning on the attracted online casino managers you can right after registration or logging in.

Here you can find the necessary promotional assets (banners, landing pages, texts, etc.).

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