Downloadable casino games – yet one way to promote your website

More than 50 downloadable casino games for Windows OS are now available to the managers of GamblingBuilder.
Next, we are going to tell you how to use the files of demo games to draw new players to your casino.

You can submit the files of demo games to various catalogue websites that distribute free software and games, as well as various torrent trackers. Notice that you can not only upload the game files, but also provide a link to your casino in the description. Despite the fact that nowadays this method is not as effective as it was before, submitting still works and gives a small increase in visitors. In addition, you get back links, which means faster indexing of your online casino website by search engines.

We highly recommend you to submit the game to each site with the most differing unique descriptions. If there is not enough time, you can take the ready-made description from this article:

You can find all the files in GamblingBuilder admin panel, tab My Landings ( But first you need to log in here and select Demo for Windows (.exe) in the drop-down list. Click on Pictures to Games, and you will see the links to all game screenshots and icons of different sizes required for submitting.

A demo game includes a link it to your casino. Even if a user registers and begins to play the game only a few months or years after he downloads it, he will still be linked to your website.

In addition, in each game, there is a built-in mechanism that allows your casino to bypass provider block, so that the player could freely enter your website.

this offer works only for Russian hint

You can add demo games to specified catalogues in automatic or semi-automatic mode. There is a special paid (for example, AllSubmitter or RoboSoft), and free software that greatly simplifies the submitting process.

Paid submitting programs offer the manager their base of catalogue websites, where you can submit your casino games right away. If you do not want to purchase the program, and plan to do everything on your own, download the updated list of sites to manually add the exe-files of demo games. This list includes more than 600 websites in Russian, English, German, Spanish, French and Portuguese.

Download the list of catalogue websites to submit casino games Download the list of catalogue websites to submit casino games (672 sites) (.xls)

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