Online casino landings with an increased conversion

Pay attention to a new kind of promotional materials – online casino landing pages with built-in games to attract players to online casino. Each landing page contains a game “for fun” (demo game) and a maximum simplified registration form in casino that requires a player to enter only his\her E-mail.
According to preliminary estimates, usage of this kind of landing pages increases a traffic conversion in 1.3-4.7 times depending on a type of the involved traffic compared to the direct traffic to casino. There are two reasons of the better conversion:

  1. visitor observes the game without intermediate change-overs and
  2. it is only need to enter the E-mail to start the game for cash.

Additionally, you can modify these landing pages at your discretion, for example, to optimize for a specific audience of visitors to further increase the conversion. Alternatively, you can use more appropriate vocabulary in compliance with the attracted traffic or insert additional explanations, links, banners, etc.

You can place online casino landing pages to any website even to an iframe.

Examples of one of the casino landing page in 6 languages (English, German, Polish, Hungarian, Russian, Ukrainian):

You will find all 800 casino landing pages in the archive (downlod by button below). Each of them has the built-in demo game, the full list with additional details.

Download casino landings .ZIP

The more consumer-friendly, the higher conversion could landing page get!

Read about how to start usage in a casino landing page memo.

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