Beat the casino: share strategies and attract players

What is the most interesting for players who play for money? That’s right: to know how to beat the casino, find a winning strategy or loophole. Use it, share winning strategies that “work” right in your casino and attract visitors to the website.

The narrative is on behalf of the real player who has already tried all the strategies and won many times.

Where do you promote:

  • On forums and blogs about casinos and gambling

  • On social networks.
    1) In the discussions or directly on the wall of the community of appropriate topic. If the wall is closed, you can leave a comment to the post or suggest a news to moderator.
  • 2) In your own community (where different strategies are published and other participants can share their own).

  • Get your own channel, for example, on YouTube. Collect there videos of different strategies.
    Tell everybody in comments that this strategy also works well in your casino.
  • Make your own website devoted to stories of how you beat the casino.
    For example, like this one:

    Share strategies and attract players to your own website

    Here is another example of such site:

    Tell players how to beat the casino and secretly attract them to your own casino

    You can also use landing page to tell how you always win in particular game.

    Where do you get the strategy?

    Take ready strategy (there are many of them, thanks to the internet) and rewrite it. Come up with your own strategy. Or, for example, tell that you have found some sort of a bug in online slot mashine at some casino (and give a link to yours).


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