Banners: attract your target audience

In order to attract the target audience to the website of your online casino or referral program banners should be placed on those resources where players and referrals are hanging out. For starters, you need to define the audience. Hence select a platform.

If you earn on GamblingBuilder referral program, your audience is webmasters (from advanced ones who redirect hundreds of traffic from one site to another due to beginners) and random people who wish to make money online (from the moms on maternity leave due to the students who moderate communities in the social networks).

Now let’s see how to search for the platform for advertising:

First method: search for relevant sites and communicate with the administration on the content submitting issue.

For referral program promotion note these (there are a lot of resources, the examples only are set in brackets):

  • webmasters’ blogs
  • webmasters’ forums
  • forums and blogs about earnings
  • freebies’ forums (such forums contain sections about earnings on the Internet for sure)
  • mom’s forums (young mothers may be interested in earnings while on maternity leave)
  • forums about open job vacancies, job search
  • webmasters’ videoblogs

If you promote your casino, feel free to use these:

  • blogs about casinos (casino news, game rules, online casino reviews, etc.)
  • gamblers’ forums
  • forums about earnings
  • freebies’ forums
  • players’ blogs and videoblogs with the game strategies

Second method: find out which banner network is used on the site you like.

You can find a vacant places for the banner ads on many sites. Find out how much do they cost easily.
Or just look through the sites you like and learn some websites which sell advertising space.
Then simply select this platform through a banner network.

Pros: thus you’re guaranteed to know that the website which sells advertising spaces works with the site that has been chosen by you to promote your site.

Third method: go to the famous banner (PropellerAds) or teaser network (TeaserNET) and pick your favorite platforms.

Pros are too obvious: do not need to search for anything. You can see the entire list of available spaces for placing, filter the platforms by cost and the “quality” and also get the detailed statistics.

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