Attracting referrals: free classifieds

Publishing of ads about earnings may be a good method to attract referrals. Next, we analyze in detail how to use it for a lifetime profitable earnings.

    First of all, let us explain the general principle of the method:

  • You are posting an ad about the job/extra job
  • Responded candidate will be given the referral program details of the (with your reflink) + as a reinforcement, you provide him\her with links to free prepared tips about casino and program promotion as well as your promise to help with your own pieces of advice

Step 1: Make an attractive ads. The ad title is recommended to have a specification of people who can earn: retiree/schoolboys/mom on maternity leave/student. The advantage is to mention the exact amount of an earning. Some sites aloow to add images to the ads. In this case, add a picture with the inscription “Earnings at home”, “Earn up to $60 per day” that will attract attention. It is better to create several different ads. You can take a ready-made options below and use them as a guide while making your own ads.

1. Earn money online without investment

Internet, 1.5-2 hours of free time – and that’s everything you need to start. Within a few days you start earning money and most importantly – you will work as efficiently as possible, because we will give you all the necessary instructions and tips. Earn up to $60 per day. Contact us! We help you earn!

2. Proper earnings at home

Do you need money? It’s real money! It’s the job you can do being surrounded by the comfort of your home environment. You’ll earn in a few days. You can earn decent real money working online from home for 3-4 hours. I’ll send the details to your email!

3. Additional earnings from home for students/schoolboys/retiree/mothers on maternity leave

Requirements: Internet availability, e-mail, diligence, desire to work and develop, desire to earn
Responsibilities: Promoting affiliate program – nothing complicated, browse the Internet as always and have an extra income.
Conditions: Work at home, details – by e-mail!
Earnings: unlimited

Step 2: Publish ads on sites – free classified ads. We have already collected these for you.

Download the list of online advertisements boards for free List of free online classified ads (32 sites) (.xls)

Step 3: Send the instructions for those who replied.
In the instructions you clarify that they need to sign up to the program with your affiliate link and select one of 3 variants of earnings (as casino manager, as an affiliate who attracts managers to the program or as a promoter who attracts players to the casino). Do not forget to give a link to the useful and effective tips for free promoting section.

Placing ads – is a quite effective method of attracting referrals and the opportunity to receive lifetime 10% of the involved referrals’ profits.

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