Attracting new managers: a ready-made casino for free

The GamblingBuilder affiliate program allows you to get ready-made website for free and become the owner of an online casino.
If you are the GamblingBuilder affiliate and earn money on attracting new casino managers, you can also offer the ready-made online casinos for free (or for a nominal fee) to anyone interested. What’s the trick? Let’s speak on.

The scheme is pretty simple: every time you register a new casino at GamblingBuilder (for a subsequent transfer), you use your affiliate link.

There are two options:

  • You can sell a ready-made online casino website e.g. for $1, and then get additional 10% of the webmaster’s revenues.
  • Otherwise you can distribute the ready-made websites for free. In this case, you will also receive 10% of the casino manager’s revenues.

  • Step by step it goes like this:

    Step 1:Register (if not already registered) in the GamblingBuilder affiliate program at
    Step 2:Enter admin panel and go to the My affiliate links tab. Click Show links at the Referral program section to see your affiliate link.
    Step 3:Register a new email address at any free postal service (we recommend or
    Step 4:Register at the GamblingBuilder affiliate program using your affiliate link and an email address that you have just created.
    Step 5: Order a casino. When making an order choose between a free casino (on a subdomain) or a casino for $10 per year (on a domain). You can read about the differences between the free and paid casino here:
    Step 6:Sell (or gave away for free) the ready-made casino website along with the account data, that you have used during the registration at GamblingBuilder (e-mail, nickname, password), e-mail data (password and other important information specified during registration such as date of birth, secret question, etc.)

    Where to offer a ready-made casino website?

  • at specialized marketplaces for buying and selling websites
  • at webmaster forums
  • at forums about earnings in real life and in the Internet
  • at forums for gamblers
  • at general themed forums in such sections as “Give away” or “Business ideas”
  • at free message boards (
  • at marketplaces (

  • A couple more tips:

    The success of your offer depends on the feed. How to convey the casino beautifully? You can do this as an ad with screenshots of games and the interface of the casino, or in the form of a gift certificate (this method is sure to attract players). For example, here is a cute free certificate (you can download it below) that you can use to attract webmasters. Specify the name (URL) of your casino, login and password:
    Download the template of the casino gift certificate (.doc)

    Use personal messages or email to transfer the access to your affiliate account. Be sure to remind your partner to change all the passwords immediately after the transfer.

    Register as many accounts and casinos as you can, because the more managers you attract, the higher is your income.
    Good luck!

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