Attract players from questions and answers sites

Novice players are constantly searching for a casino where they can actually win some money. Therefore, they are looking for reviews about casinos, ask more experienced players on blogs and forums. They also ask questions on questions and answers sites. So how do you force these potential players to proceed to your site from the services like Quora?

So, it is possible to use three different tactics here:

1) find an existing question which is still open and suits to the subject of your expertise. Your answer must give a reason to go exactly to your casino.

Here is an example of search results for “online casino” query.

Search results for online casino query from Quora

Answers on all these questions may be referred to your online casino. If your answer is useful and detailed enough, it earns much upvotes and locates above the rest (it is especially useful, if there are a lot of answers).

Here is a sample list of search queries for such sites:

internet casino, online casino, how to beat the casino, casino scam or not, who won at casino, win at casino, suggest casino, online casino reviews, casino reviews, best casino, casino to play, etc.

2) ask by yourself. Make sure your question contains veiled casino advertisement and/or respond to it by mentioning your casino in favourable light. For example, these questions are good enough:

  • Is it true that it’s more anonymous to gamble for Bitcoin/Litecoin/Dash/Dogecoin? Is there anybody who has already played for cryptocoins?
  • I cannot go to your_casino_name site. Usually I go there without any problems. What can I do to get there?
  • Do you know casino games with the minimum bet equals to 1 cent, for example?
  • Did you ever meet the casino without the minimum withdrawal threshold?
  • Suggest me casino where I can spend my hard-earned DASH
  • Does anyone know online casino with MD5 control of honesty? If there are any, which one are they?

3) ask the user who has a good reputation on questions and answers site (or rather just for the money) to start a discussion where you may add a comment to advertise your casino in a covert way. Here is an example:

Example of a covert advertisement of the casino

By the way, links are moderated before publication on many services, so be sure to refer to your casino without using a direct link. Do not forget to ask the user to mark your answer as the best as well.


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