Affiliate marketer earnings at referral program

In addition to the GamblingBuilder affiliate program (earnings at internet casino) sharing net revenue 40% there is also a referral program which pays to affiliate marketer thr reward for attracting referrals, it shares 10% of their casino net revenue, or in other words 25% of referrals’ net revenue generated by their casino.

Thus if you bring in a new partner to GamblingBuilder then your reward will be 10% of the income of his casinos. And that earnings are lifetime, not 6 months or an year, as is sometimes happens.
BTW there is a sample landing page helping affiliate marketer to attract referrals at the end of this page.

Why profitable referral program?

Altought the commission looks smaller (10% instead of 40%) earnings prospects for attracting referrals is higher comparing to promoting your own casino. Let me explain.

For example, let’s calculate the costs and revenues of affiliate marketer for a significant period of time, for example, 3 years in the absence of buying traffic, links, or anything else. Only your own work and your own time. The figures are average, it may be 10 times better or 100 times worse.

Attracting one active referral to the total income for the three years in the $50,000 cost to affiliate marketer of about a week of active work (30-50 hours of pure time), reward him $12,500.
Casino promotion of his own casino to achieve total income of $12,500 in same three year period requires 4-8 weeks of work (150-350 hours), stretched to three years.
As you can see the total time expanses of affiliate marketer on attracting referrals is cheaper several times than promotion of his affiliate casino.

Although there is a pitfall. Earnings of affiliate marketer from referrals depend on his own efforts as well as efforts of those referrals. But his casino revenues depend on him only.
On the other hand, if affiliate marketer refers a few dozens of webmasters, the total revenue will be not so much depend on the mood of someone in particular, because laws of statistics become in effect.

The bottom line is known for a long time: It is better to receive 1% of the work of 100 people than 100% of its own. This fully applies to affiliate marketer earnings.

How to start

To have a good income affiliate marketer does not need to order a casino website, it’s enough to get the referral link and banners (for example, here are some) from the affiliate marketer’s panel and drive traffic. Options are set, the most simple and well-known:

  • buy traffic on the traffic stock exchanges, teaser and banner networks, purchase advertising space on specific sites with good attendance, targeted advertising in social networks, contextual advertising,

  • ads on own websites using articles, news, reviews, banners, pop-ups, pop-unders, E-mails and any other ways,
  • creating new websites for search traffic (SEO), and utilize them as described in the previous section,
  • CPA advertising networks,
  • advertising in social networks – in own and others’ boards, groups and discussions,
  • contests and promotions – dissemination of information at forums and communities dedicated to freebies, contests and promotions,
  • webinars and video reviews, at youtube for example.

Affiliate marketer can earn more with same efforts

To earn more funds from the same traffic affiliate marketer needs to increase the conversion rate (CTR). In that case earnings increases thoughr effort are still the same. Landing page usage helps in improving CTR significantly. That’s landing page you can utilize right now:

It’s also available in one ZIP file:
Download landing page

Do not forget that you need to adaptate these landings before using, i.e. to specify your own referral link instead of default one. To do this, simply edit the htm-file in any text editor that supports unicode (I recommend Notepad ++), and replace all instances of 764531 with your own referral code, it can be found on the page after login.

Also it’s recommended to adaptate texts or even localize it into another language. For example, if affiliate marketer drives traffic from Argentina, it is best to send visitors to the Portuguese landing page, and then to the Portuguese version of GamblingBuilder. If Mexico, the Spanish landing page and Spanish GamblingBuilder.

As landing page aim to direct traffic and SEO does not matter here, you can host it anywhere – on free hosting, free domain on the 3rd and even 4th level or on any of your websites. It really does not matter for earnings of affiliate marketer.

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